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Lisa Redstone teaches us how to unearth, reclaim, and reconnect with our personal vitality through a uniquely practical, "grounded spirituality" model known as:

The Redstone Way

Bombarded by an information-saturated world, with ever increasing demands and deadlines and an impossible pace, we have lost our connection to ourselves and to one another. How do we reconnect and ground ourselves so that we can experience more contentment, peace, meaning and joy? Lisa Redstone has spent the last 25 years showing her clients how through a model of “Grounded Spirituality,” Redstone’s term for spirituality that is connected to our emotional, mental and physical well-being and vitality. With extensive study in eastern, western and indigenous spiritual healing practices and traditions and a graduate degree in Spiritual Psychology/Transpersonal Studies, Lisa has created a practical pathway to our deepest selves. How do we get in touch with this Grounded Spirituality, and how does it apply to our everyday health and happiness?

Soul Archaeologist Digs for Authenticity

Lisa Redstone’s work is that of helping others to mine and unearth the raw gems of who they truly are and then polish these aspects so that they can live richer and more authentic lives; she is a Soul Archaeologist. “We are pulled in a million different directions in this life,” says Redstone, “we face constant distractions and we are working harder than ever, moving faster. We are all seeking balance in our lives, which we find elusive. This approach to life is creating unhappiness in many people. We have forgotten what really matters to us as human beings and we feel disconnected from ourselves and from others. Most of us on some level inside of ourselves know that we need to reconnect… first, with ourselves, so that we can begin to live authentically. Authenticity and personal empowerment are the gateways to unconditional love. My role is to help you connect with what that means in a real and felt way.”

A Spiritual Hygeine Routine

"The Redstone Way is a way of life that has sound principles found in the world's oldest wisdom traditions. On a personal level, it's a process, a way of living that helps us to feel better and more in tune with ourselves," says Redstone. The Redstone Way is Lisa’s offering for enabling people to connect with spirituality right here and now in a practical, “doable” way. We all have our daily routines, such as showering, brushing our teeth, and getting dressed. The Redstone Way could be seen as a health routine for the soul. One of the ways of addressing our imbalances is practicing a form of “spiritual hygiene” to help us tap into and clean up imbalances so that we can maintain clarity over confusion to live more connected, healthier lives. With a tangible process that Lisa Redstone facilitates with her clients personally people learn to use spiritual tools that work and are easy to use.

Access the Energetic Field:
“One of the first things I’ll show you,” Redstone said, “is how to recognize and feel your own energetic field—both your interior energetic terrain, also referred to as the chakra system, and your external field - the energetic sphere that you carry around you as you interact with the world. This first step is one of self-discovery.”

Reading the Blueprint: Redstone takes people through a series of guided experiences to help them know themselves. “What I do with each person,” she said, “is I read their blueprint and then I take them on a simple, practical process of understanding and working with their own personal energy system. Everything that we are meant to know about who we are is accessible to us and this process allows a person to become more intimately familiar with themselves and how their own personal energy system works.”

Locate Areas of Concern:
Once you’re attuned and become familiar with iyour own personal energetic blueprint, you’ll be guided to notice areas that require your attention. “Those who want to know themselves better will say ‘I feel something, I see something, this is what I see or sense. This is what needs to be cleared, this is what needs to be shifted and transformed.”

Unearth, Understand, and Heal:
“Once we locate an area of concern,” Redstone shared, “we unravel what’s happening within your energetic structure and then we seek to create resolution. The resolution is both in the interior and exterior energetic structures and once I teach you how to do it, with some simple practice, you can then do it for yourself. The goal is self-empowerment, personal awareness and healing.”

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